OFYR Horizontal Skewer Set XL

Selection Guide

  • For the real fans of cooking directly over the fire.
  • Gives a delicious fire/smoke flavour to your ingredients.
  • Very fast way of cooking.
  • Thanks to the shape of the teeth, the skewers stay put and you can turn them in a controlled way.
  • With very large pieces of meat or vegetables, we recommend using two skewers for a stable placement above the fire.

OFYR Horizontal Skewer Set XL



Are you ready for an extraordinary outdoor cooking experience? The Horizontal Skewer Set XL consists of three extra-long skewers made of high-quality steel. It comes with a specially designed stand with a notched ring. It has the perfect height to cook meat and vegetables really deliciously and to thrill all barbecue fans.






Ø 80 x 26 cm

Black Steel / Stainless Steel

total weight

7 kg

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