New Product: OFYR 75 Corten

New Product

OFYR 75 Corten: Discover the art of urban outoor cooking

Discover the latest addition to our collection: the OFYR 75 Corten. Boasting a compact and stylish design, this cooking unit offers the quintessential OFYR experience in a more intimate and urban setting.

Small-scale, infinite options

Discover the perfect solution for small gardens or patios with the OFYR 75 Corten. Designed for compact spaces, this model seamlessly integrates into any outdoor setting while offering ample room to cook for 4-6 people. Whether you're planning a 3-course meal or multiple small dishes, the OFYR 75 Corten provides endless possibilities for your culinary creations.
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Airflow Plate – Novel Air Circulation System

Explore the innovative features of the OFYR 75 Corten, including its revolutionary Airflow Plate. This advanced air circulation system transforms wood-fired cooking, enhancing wood combustion, and minimizing smoke formation. Experience a more efficient and environmentally friendly cooking journey. The optimized air circulation contributes to a quicker heating process, allowing you to start your culinary adventure in no time.

Compact foundation – perfect for limited areas

At OFYR, we recognize the significance of convenience, particularly in compact outdoor spaces. Our emphasis on a sleeker design addresses this need without sacrificing functionality. Introducing a base comprising 5 separate pieces for the first time, facilitating immediate in-store purchase and convenient home assembly. This unique design not only streamlines the delivery process but also renders the OFYR 75 Corten significantly lighter than larger models, allowing for effortless mobility within your garden.
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