OFYR Butcher Block Storage Black 90 Teakwood

Selection Guide

  • A ceramic worktop can be left outside permanently, a teak worktop is best kept inside in a dry space and must be regularly treated with an oil suitable for food.
  • The tool tray can be mounted on both sides and in two places at the back.
  • The black-coated models require more maintenance than Corten and are more susceptible to scratches and damage, despite a high-quality coating.

OFYR Butcher Block Storage Black 90 Teakwood



Anyone who not only wants to roast or grill individual foods on the OFYR, but also prepare entire menus, needs one thing above all: more work surface and storage space. The OFYR Butcher Block Storage 90 offers both: a solid cutting board for preparing food, a practical shelf for accessories and space for storing wood under the counter. The cutting board is available in teak and dark grey ceramic.





Storage Capacity


45 x 105 x 88 cm

Black Coated Steel / Teakwood

0,3 m³

dimensions base

total weight

45 x 90 x 78 cm

75 kg

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