OFYR Cast Iron Casserole Set Ø 21 cm + Ø 26 cm

Selection Guide

  • Your OFYR cooking unit is ideally suited for the use of pans. On the hob, on the grill and even in the pizza oven.
  • The pans and lids are made of cast iron. Easy to clean with soapy water, dry well and then oil again for protection.
  • Not dishwasher safe.
  • Only for use on an OFYR cooking unit.
  • Pans and lids get very hot: always use a glove to lift the lid or pan.

OFYR Cast Iron Casserole Set Ø 21 cm + Ø 26 cm



You don't just want to fry or grill on the plancha? No problem. With the OFYR Cast Iron Casserole Set, it's wonderful to braise on the OFYR. The OFYR Cast Iron Casserole Set consists of two beautiful cast iron pans with a diameter of Ø 21 cm + Ø 26 cm. The pans are characterised by perfect heat distribution.





Storage Capacity


Pan: Ø 21 x 25 x 5,5 cm / Ø 26 x 30 x 6 cm

Cast Iron

1,3 l / 2,2 l

total weight

3 kg / 4,7 kg

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