OFYR Classic Storage Corten 100 PRO

Selection Guide

  • This PRO cooking unit is part of a whole furniture concept for a professional outdoor kitchen.
  • The appliance is mobile, the wheels are not braked.
  • All OFYR accessories are available for this model.
  • The appliance is voluminous.
  • When storing wood in the black line, there is a risk of scratches, despite high-quality coating.
  • The black coated models require more maintenance. Use of a cover is recommended.

OFYR Classic Storage Corten 100 PRO



For professional use in catering, gastronomy or the hotel industry, the OFYR Classic Storage Corten 100 PRO also has a handle and wheels as well as an integrated wood tray. The OFYR Classic 100 PRO is also ideal for those who want to determine the location of the device depending on the season and the position of the sun. The handle is made of high quality teak. Only available in 100 cm diameter.



cooking surface



Storage Capacity


0,55 m²

100 x 100 x 101 cm

Corten Steel

0,1 m³

Weight plate

diameter plate

dimensions base

total weight

56 kg

100 cm

65 x 65 x 67 cm

124 kg

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