OFYR Coconut Briquettes (6x 2 kg)

Selection Guide

  • Perfect for use in OFYR Tabl'O.
  • 1 box contains 6 packages of 36 briquettes, which will allow you to cook 2 times.
  • These coconut briquettes are durable, there is no smoke once they go into the Tabl'O, only when starting in the supplied Quick Starter. They also do not spread any odour.

OFYR Coconut Briquettes (6x 2 kg)



The OFYR coconut briquettes have been specially developed for use with OFYR Tabl'O. The OFYR coconut briquettes guarantee maximum heat, a very long burning time (2-3 hours) and minimal smoke development. They are practically odourless and produce little ash. Another advantage: the briquettes are compact and 100% sustainable, as they are made from the residual waste of coconuts. Combined with the OFYR Quick Starter, this makes the OFYR Tabl'O ready to use in no time. Available in boxes of 6 x 2 kg bags.






13 x 13 x 25 cm (6x)

Residual Waste of Coconuts

total weight

12 kg (6x 2 kg)

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