OFYR Island Corten 100 PRO Ceramic Dark Grey

Selection Guide

  • With an Island, you choose an eye-catcher that forms a complete outdoor kitchen.
  • A ceramic worktop can be left outside permanently, a teak worktop is best kept inside and must be regularly treated with an oil suitable for food.
  • This model can be steered thanks to the handle and the (unbraked) wheels. When the storage is filled with wood, the unit is relatively heavy.
  • The tool tray can be mounted on the side or on the back.
  • The black-coated models require more maintenance: the top of the Island must be kept clean and dry, especially at the base of the cone, in order to prevent rust. The use of a cover is recommended.

OFYR Island Corten 100 PRO Ceramic Dark Grey



Designed for use in catering, restaurants and hotels, the OFYR Island Corten 100 PRO Ceramic Dark Grey is the flexible wheeled version of the OFYR Island 100 with a deeper base. It has a solid cutting board, a handy accessory compartment and space for wood storage. The cutting board is available in teak and dark gray ceramic.



cooking surface



Storage Capacity


0,55 m²

100 x 170 x 102 cm

Corten Steel / Ceramic

0,4 m³

Weight plate

diameter plate

dimensions base

total weight

56 kg

100 cm

65 x 135 x 73 cm

183 kg

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