OFYR Island Corten 100 PRO Teakwood

Selection Guide

  • With an Island, you choose an eye-catcher that forms a complete outdoor kitchen.
  • A ceramic worktop can be left outside permanently, a teak worktop is best kept inside and must be regularly treated with an oil suitable for food.
  • This model can be steered thanks to the handle and the (unbraked) wheels. When the storage is filled with wood, the unit is relatively heavy.
  • The tool tray can be mounted on the side or on the back.
  • The black-coated models require more maintenance: the top of the Island must be kept clean and dry, especially at the base of the cone, in order to prevent rust. The use of a cover is recommended.

OFYR Island Corten 100 PRO Teakwood



The OFYR Island Corten 100 PRO is the mobile version of the OFYR Island 100 with a deeper base. It includes a solid chopping board for food preparation, a handy accessories tray and space for under-counter wood storage. The chopping board is available in teak wood and dark grey ceramic.



cooking surface



Storage Capacity


0,55 m²

100 x 170 x 102 cm

Corten Steel / Teakwood

0,4 m³

Weight plate

diameter plate

dimensions base

total weight

56 kg

100 cm

65 x 135 x 73 cm

181 kg

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