OFYR Kamado Table Black 65 PRO Concrete The Bastard

Selection Guide

  • There is limited storage space underneath the kamado.
  • Compatible with the PRO collection and the OFYR Insert PRO Small, with and without doors.
  • Units with concrete worktops can be left outside permanently. Units with teak worktops can be left outside, provided that they are covered and regularly treated with a vegetable oil.
  • The Black models require more maintenance than the Corten models. Despite their high-quality coating, they are more susceptible to scratches and damage.

OFYR Kamado Table Black 65 PRO Concrete The Bastard



The OFYR Kamado Table 65 PRO The Bastard combines the art of kamado cooking on a unit of The Bastard with the classic OFYR design. Available in both Corten and black-coated steel.






95 x 65 x 89 cm

Black Coated Steel / Concrete

dimensions base

total weight

65 x 65 x 67 cm

84 kg

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