OFYR Kamado Table Corten 135 PRO Concrete BGE

Selection Guide

  • Compatible with the PRO line and OFYR Insert PRO Small, Medium and Large, with or without doors
  • Mobile thanks to handle and non-braked wheels. Relatively heavy when filled with wood.
  • A concrete worktop can be left outside permanently, a teak worktop is best placed under cover in a dry area and needs to be treated regularly with an oil suitable for food.
  • The black-coated models require more maintenance than Corten and are, despite a high-quality coating, more sensitive to scratches and damage.

OFYR Kamado Table Corten 135 PRO Concrete BGE



The OFYR Kamado Table Corten 135 PRO Concrete BGE (Big Green Egg) is a Kamado table available in both Corten steel and black coated steel for the Big Green Egg Large. The aim of OFYR's design team was to stylishly combine appliances from different brands for anyone looking for a modular and mobile outdoor kitchen, entirely according to individual preferences. In addition to the classic version with a teak top, a version with a concrete top is also available, which can remain outside even in winter and in bad weather. The combination of the OFYR Kamado Table Corten 65 Pro Concrete with the OFYR Island 100 PRO Ceramic Dark Grey is a special highlight for every garden.






165 x 65 x 90 cm

Corten Steel / Concrete

dimensions base

total weight

135 x 65 x 68 cm

163 kg

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