OFYR Plate Extension Set XL

Selection Guide

  • The Food Bumper is integrated in the grill holder of the Grill Round XL to ensure extra stability. This holder can't be replaced with a regular Grill Round XL.
  • Can be used with the included OFYR 85 cooking plate. The plate can also be replaced with the grill of the Grill Round XL.
  • Combine with accessories for the OFYR Classic 85, like the Pizza Oven 85, Rotisserie Set, Grill Round 85 or Horizontal Skewers Ring 85.

OFYR Plate Extension Set XL



The Plate Extension XL is the ultimate accessory for show cooking. This special set for the OFYR XL consists of a grill holder with integrated food bumper and a separate OFYR 85 cooking plate. The plate can be used like a regular OFYR 85 unit and combined with accessories such as the pizza oven or rotisserie set. In this way, the Plate Extension provides even more cooking surface and ensures an exceptional culinary experience.



cooking surface




0,44 m²

Ø 85 x 27,2 cm

Black Steel

Weight plate

diameter plate

total weight

45 kg

85 cm

51,5 kg

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