OFYR Rotisserie Set

Selection Guide

  • Delivered with S-hook to which a dutch oven can be hung.
  • The Rotisserie Set is operated by hand and is not fitted with a motor.
  • Must be installed before lighting the fire.
  • When the cooking plate heats up, the screws that clamp the set to the plate must be tightened. Always use heat-resistant gloves.

OFYR Rotisserie Set



The OFYR rotisserie set is designed for barbecue lovers who like to cook directly over the flames. This great set is suitable for the OFYR 85 and the OFYR 100. It consists of 2 solid stainless steel stands that are attached to the hotplate. The two rods are connected with a stainless steel tube (there is a different tube for each of the 85 and 100 models), which provides additional stability. The set also includes a skewer with rotating hook, 2x large and 2x small clamps for meat and poultry as well as an S-hook on which you can hang a pan. The set is also available with a rotisserie motor that makes fire cooking even easier.






75 x 29,5 x 5,5 cm

Stainless Steel

total weight

5,8 kg

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