OFYR Soft Cover Black 100

Selection Guide

  • Ideal to combine with the OFYR Snuffers or OFYR Covers in all weather conditions.
  • Despite the high-quality, water-resistant material, the elastic and fabric can wear out over time.
  • Also available as a set with the OFYR Snuffer.

OFYR Soft Cover Black 100



The following solutions are available for covering the plancha or hotplate: the OFYR Snuffer (extinguishing lid), the OFYR Cover (protective lid) and the OFYR Soft Cover Black 100. The OFYR Soft Cover Black 100 (made of waterproof plastic) is ideally used together with the OFYR Snuffer. The Snuffer is used to extinguish the fire, while the OFYR Soft Cover Black100 provides a waterproof seal for the hotplate. The OFYR Soft Cover Black 100 is waterproof. Nevertheless, a certain amount of moisture formation cannot be completely avoided. To prevent rust, the plate should be greased regularly. Good to know: The OFYR Soft Cover Black is supplied with the black OFYR cooking units.






Ø 100 cm

Oxford with PU Coating

total weight

250 g

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