OFYR Tabl’O Cast Iron Casserole Set

Selection Guide

  • The grill and the pan are made of cast iron. Easy to clean with soapy water. Dry well and then oil again for protection.
  • Not dishwasher safe.
  • Only for use on the Tabl'O or an OFYR cooking unit.
  • The pan and grill can get very hot: always use a glove to lift the lid or the pan.

OFYR Tabl’O Cast Iron Casserole Set



OFYR Tabl'O Cast Iron Casserole Set transforms OFYR Tabl'O table grill into a complete outdoor cooking device. The set consists of an elegant cast iron casserole pan with a lid (diameter 21 cm), a cast iron grill holder with a flexible cast iron grill grate on which the pan fits and 4 wooden spatulas. The pan can be used to prepare a variety of dishes.





Storage Capacity


Ø 21 x 25 x 5,5 cm

Cast Iron

1,3 l

total weight

4 kg

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