OFYR Trailer

Selection Guide

  • The XL-line offers a very large cooking surface, suitable for professionals who cook for large groups. You can cook with 2-3 chefs simultaneously.
  • With the supplied crank handle, you can easily level the trailer thanks to 4 swivel legs.
  • When driving, you need to remove the wooden magnetic top plates.
  • Foresee enough wood. By making 3 seperate fires in the cone, the plate gets up to temperature relatively quickly.
  • Not all OFYR accessories are available for the XL version.
  • The soft cover and Snuffer are available.

OFYR Trailer


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The OFYR Trailer is the perfect cooking unit for events: easily transportable and has the size of an OFYR XL to cook for up to 150 people. The trailer is fully tested and certified. The drawbar trailer is detachable, as well as the wooden blocks on top of the trailer. You have storage space in the front and back side, ideal to transport your firewood so you are ready to go in a beat. Available in Corten steel.



cooking surface



Storage Capacity


1,28 m²

150 x 150 x 109 cm

Corten Steel

0,5 m³

Weight plate

diameter plate

total weight

126 kg

150 cm

470 kg

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